Drop shipping is available, whereby we will ship to your customers, using your information as the return address, so it will look to your customer as though the order is coming directly from you. No invoices or other identifying information will be included with these shipments.

The procedure for placing a drop ship order is very simple:

-Order can be placed online, using the following procedure. There is no drop ship fee for drop shipments. No drop shipper account set up is needed for these orders.

-Place the order using your customer's information in the "Ship To" section at checkout, and your information in the "Bill To" section.

-In the comments box, just put "Drop Ship Order". We'll take care of the rest!

For any questions concerning the Drop Ship program at Wild Bill Wholesale. Please contact us: info@idf24.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL DROP SHIP CUSTOMERS: We don't mind if you use any of our images on your website or ebay and amazon listings, etc. However, we do not permit the re-use of our product descriptions. You will have to write your own product descriptions. The reason for this is search engines such as Google penalize the rankings of websites who use duplicate content from another site. So using our descriptions will hurt both your and our rankings. Drop ship customers who violate this policy will receive (1) warning, and after that further violations could result in additional action that could include account suspension.